The Credit Express credit repair Brooklyn, NY

The Credit Express is exclusively focused on helping startups and established businesses meet their financial goals by building business credit and securing business loans.

We take a look at your situation, and diagnose issues that may be keeping you from getting funding. The first thing we do is figure out what obstacles stand in the way of getting a good loan. We work to improve factors that will influence your rates, your acceptance chances, as well as the best ways to improve your company’s positioning with lenders.

We then tell you what needs to be done, and let you choose the best route for you. It’s your business so you get to choose what options are right for you. After we’ve helped you get to a good position, we help link you up with lenders. We then walk you through the step by step process until the funding is in your account. We also offer personal financial services to customers who need help with personal financial matters.

Our Guarantee To You

The Credit Express is all about making sure that you get the help you need, when you need it. As our customer, you can expect to be treated as our top priority, regardless of what your current fiscal standing may be. Our company is built on a love of personal integrity, quality customer service, and the belief that all clients should learn the ropes to the worlds of both business and personal finance. Every customer that we have is important to us, and to make sure that you have faith in us, we offer money back guarantees, reasonable rates, and no obligation consultations. We strive to be the angels that make your finance dreams come true. We’d love to hear from you. Please give us a call to (678) 983-4555, shoot us an email to info@thecreditexpress.org, come over and visit us for coffee, or fill out the contact form.